Jag is one of the UK’s leading producers & mix engineers specializing in alternative analogue music, including Spiritual, Mantra, Kirtan, New Age, Reggae & Spoken Word.  A musical career spanning over 25 years he’s recorded for the BBC, Shammi Pithia & Jahnavi Harrison, composed for Universal Music, has sold over 500,000 albums Worldwide and is the founder of Sanskrit based record label Radha Krishna Records located in Soho, London.

"He's probably one of the most amicable guys that I've worked with, and was very receptive to my ideas".
Mr Gee (Spoken Word Artist - Russell Brand's resident poet)                                                                https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMistergee

"This beautifully made album is refreshing, uplifting and soulful. A pleasure to listen and groove to." - The album 'O Mother'.
Shammi Pithia (Composer / Producer / Musician)

"I remember our time together in the studio fondly".
Jont (Singer/Songwriter - Grey's Anatomy, Wedding Crashers)

"Jag's music is haunting and evocative. It conjures up images of mysterious and spiritual places whilst remaining accessible and direct. Music to make you think".
Simon Gogerly (Grammy Award Winner)

"Thanks Jag. It was a complete pleasure working with you today. You made it so comfortable. Thank you for your time and energy".
Katherine Franklin-Adams (Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist)

"His meticulously layered soundscape is eerie, bordering macabre, yet profound and provoking, forcing the listener to contemplate its subject - death".
Matthew Whitlock (Senior Designer for English Heritage)

"Hey man, you are amazing, one of the few producers left that is not afraid to break boundaries can't wait for what deep end you gonna throw me into".
Joseph Junior (Singer/Songwriter)


Credits include

Universal Music - Sony Toryumon - Fishtail Records - Transient Records - Hypnolet Music - Unlit Records - Alternatives Music - Radha Krishna Records